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Golmat Group

The Golmat Group, one of Israel’s oldest and most experienced companies, imports and markets advanced construction materials

The company was founded in 1985 as an Israeli pioneer in insulation. It current supplies a wide range of construction services through four professional divisions: Golmat Wallmat, Ecomat, and Rollmat.

Golmant is proud of exceptional service array, rich professional technical knowhow, ISO 9001:2015 certification, and the top-quality products, which give it the seal of approval as the top Israeli company in the industry. We emphasize product quality, compliance with strict Israeli and international standards, and competitive market prices, while service and reliability are our guiding principles.

golmat divisons

Industry and construction division

Golmat is a construction solutions provider. The company offers a variety of insulation products for construction and industry, including  casting molds, plasterboard and cement sheets, roofing materials, and accessories. All the products possess fire standards and green standards.

Advanced construction division

Wallmat offers advanced construction solutions and systems: plasterboard sheets, external and internal insulation systems, concrete casting sheets, and more. All the products have a Green Label and EPD certificate for green construction.

The division provides services for the private, business, and public sectors. We offering our services to architects, green construction consultants, and thermal consultants, who receive advice from us about the solutions that the Group offers, and full support throughout the project period.

Wallmat’s skilled team provides a comprehensive response to a wide range of companies and projects, including Amdocs, Wix, Microsoft, and other companies.

Ceilings and acoustic division

Ecomat supplies acoustic solutions for indoor spaces, specializing in ceilings and wall cladding.

The company offers a wide range of materials: Rockfon mineral ceilings, metal ceilings, mesh ceilings, acoustic wall cladding, wall tiles, Ecofelt PET ceilings, and more.

The company’s team offers a wide range of acoustic solutions for architects and acoustic designed, and advises the customer from the design stage through construction on site.

Walls and cladding division

Rollmat supplies materials and material processing for walls and cladding.

The range of solutions that the company offers include metal materials and prefabricated and decorative wall cladding, include fiber, HPL, Albond, HCP, and fiber cement. Rollmat processes the materials and sends them for installation at the project site.

If necessary, processing is carried out on-site, based on the project’s needs.

Solutions and equipment for technical spaces

Special load-bearing complex aluminum element system ceilings, to which accessories can be attached from the ceiling without drilling.

Floating floor systems for data centers, offices, hospitals, communications rooms, and more.

Our Hallmark

For us, high quality services and products aren’t just a vision to be proud of, they are what we do in the field. Throughout the years, Golmat Group has maintained the highest quality products and has worked in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards. Golmat Group was the first and only company to receive the Green Standards Certificate for most of its insulation products. The vast technical knowledge that we have built up in the group throughout the years we then offer to our clients in the form of consulting and support throughout the different stages of building projects.

Our Service

Golmat offers its clients a professional and efficient call center to help save precious time. Our team of experienced field agents will be glad to offer you their services and provide you with the vast knowledge and experience they have garnered throughout the years. Our call center is always at your disposal.

Think Far, Build Green

The Golmat Group holds as a prime value the importance of Green Building and protecting the environment, and as such, we were the first and only company in Israel to receive the Green Standards Certificate for most of our insulation products. The Golmat Group is the industry leader in insulation research within Israel: we initiated, and support research done by the Committee for Green Construction on improving insulation tendencies in Israel. We believe that insulation will lead the Green Revolution in Israel’s construction field as the most important element in energy efficiency and I reducing air pollution.

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